Company Overview

InnoCare is a biopharmaceutical company rooted in China with the global vision to discover and develop novel treatment for cancer and autoimmune diseases. InnoCare' s core scientific team members have strong educational backgrounds and rich drug innovation experiences in the U.S. and China. InnoCare also has an elite Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) comprising of professionals from leading universities, hospitals, academic institutions and pharmaceutical industry. InnoCare is forging forward on the critical path of defeating diseases and pushing the boundaries of innovation into unchartered territories.

The mission of InnoCare is to become a global leader in providing patients with safe, effective and affordable treatments to address the unmet medical needs in cancer and autoimmune diseases. We pay special attention in targeting Chinese populations because of their high incidence rates yet insufficient effective treatments or cures for diseases such as liver cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, and autoimmune diseases including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. To achieve our goal, we have employed numerous synergistic approaches including internal research and development, licensing-in, and international collaborations to accelerate the development process of the First- and/or Best-in-Class drugs.