Advisor Board Member

Yigong Shi, Ph.D.
President, ABM

Dr. Shi is a distinguished structural biologist, and his research is focused on molecular mechanism of apoptosis, membrane protein structure and function as well as the structure and function of macromolecular machineries.

  • President, Westlake University
  • Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Honorary Foreign Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, USA; Foreign Associate, National Academy of Sciences, USA; Foreign Associate, European Molecular Biology Organization
  • Recipients of Qiushi Outstanding Scientist Award, HeLiangHeLi Lifetime Achievement Award, Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize, and the Gregory Aminoff Prize

Zemin Zhang, Ph.D.

Scientific, ABM

Dr. Zhang is a renowned professor in cancer genomics and bioinformatics, with his current research focusing on using cutting edge technologies such as single cell sequencing to understand oncogenesis and cancer immunology. He has rich experiences in both academia and biotechnology industry, and is a holder of many US patents on cancer targets.

  • Associate Director of BIOPIC,College of Life Sciences, Peking University; Senior Principle Investigator of Peking-Tsinghua University Center of Life Sciences
  • Former Head and Lead Scientist of the Bioinformatics division of Genentech Inc., USA

Zhanguo Li, Ph.D.

Scientific, ABM

Dr. Li is a renowned specialist in rheumatoid immunotherapy. His main research areas include the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis and the early diagnosis and the treatment of immune-intervention, systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjogren syndrome.

  • Director of the Clinical Immunology Center/Rheumatism Immunology Department, Peking University People’s Hospital
  • Director of Clinical Immunology Branch of China Immunology Association; Chairman of APLAR
  • Editor-in-chief of Chinese Journal of Rheumatology and the Chinese edition of “Nat Rev Rheum”
  • Recipient of National Outstanding Youth Fund Award, 973 Chief Scientist, Distinguished Professor of CMB and Wu Yang Award

Arnold J. Levine, Ph.D.

Scientific, ABM

Dr. Arnold Levine is a widely acclaimed leader in cancer research. In 1979, Levine and others discovered the p53 tumor suppressor protein, a molecule that inhibits tumor development.

  • Professor Emeritus in Natural Science, Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)
  • Academician of National Academy of Sciences USA, National Academy of Medicine USA
  • Former professor at The Rockefeller University, Princeton University
  • Recipients of Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize, 1998;Keio Medical Science Prize, 2000;First Recipient of the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research, 2001

James Deng

Sales & Marketing Advisor

James Deng is a renowned Advisor Board Member of InnoCare in Sales & Marketing. Mr. Deng is a management expert in medical field with 30 years management experience in global pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

  • Senior Vice President, BD USA; General Manager, BD Greater China
  • Deputy Head of Healthcare Industry Division, China Health Economics Association
  • Former VP Marketing, Novartis Pharma US; CEO & President, Novartis Pharma China
  • Founding and elected AdvaMed China Board Chair for four consecutive term