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Job Title Scientist in Organic Synthesis
Job Code ICP-RE-001
Location Beijing/Nanjing

Job Responsibilities

1. Conduct literature search for synthesis of specific target compounds;
2. Design synthetic routes and carry out wet-synthesis according to literature or in-house procedures independently;
3. Characterize organic molecules using a range of modern separation and spectroscopic techniques (NMR, HPLC, LCMS, etc.);
4. Solve synthetic issues by making appropriate modifications of known methods or purification techniques under minimal supervision;
5. Keep accurate and completed experimental records on a timely basis, and comply with lab notebook recording policy;
6. Comply with lab safety requirements.


1. An B.S or advanced degree in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry or a related field with 1-5 years industrial experience;
2. Hand-on experience in organic synthesis, compound purification and characterization;
3. Strong problem-solving ability;
4. Responsible and a strong team player.
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