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Job Title Scientist in Pharmacology In Vivo- PK/PD
Job Code ICP-RE-009
Location Beijing

Job Responsibilities

1. Conduct animal study including design/conduct rat/mouse PD study (protocol design and write-up, dosing animals, take blood samples, clinical observation and accurately reporting results);
2. Design/Conduct in vitro and ex vivo PD assays and sample analysis using in vitro methods and write study report;
3. Report data accurately, communicate with other departments and show basic understanding about mechanism of models and overall study design.


1. Able to design various in vivo efficacy and PD/PK studies in rats and mice and perform lab techniques-like dosing, blood sampling, cell culture, tumor measurement as well as humane way to sacrifice animals accurately repeat reported procedures;
2. Able to perform literature search as well as basic understanding of biochemical properties in order to facilitate rational in vitro and ex vivo PD assay method development using ELISA, western blot, IHC,PCR and FACS; 
3. Able to perform basic formulation development based on the physicochemical properties. Able to perform PD data analysis and write study summary and report;
4. Master degree with 2+ years of related working experience or entry level for Ph.D. degree;
5. Our Beijing office will be moved to  Zhongguancun Life Science Park after Aug 2016.
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