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Job Title Scientist in Process Chemistry
Job Code ICP-RE-004
Location Beijing

Job Responsibilities

1. Develop independently safe and robust scalable process for scale-up and API production;
2. Apply organic chemistry, chemical engineering, green chemistry and safety principles to design lab experiments, optimize reactions, streamline workup procedures, and reduce cycle times and cost;
3. Work collaboratively with analytical chemists to characterize intermediates and final API for purity and to identify impurities;
4. Develop technical packages of new and existing chemical processes including API starting materials, intermediates and APIs;
5. Maintain accurate and completed experimental records to satisfy company lab notebook recording policy and regulatory requirements;
6. Comply with lab safety requirements.


1. PhD, Master or bachelor degree in organic chemistry or a related field with 1-5 years of work experience;
2. Good knowledge of the latest developments in process chemistry covering a range of chemical transformations;
3. Understanding of the fundamentals of process development including process safety, scale up, equipment and operational issues; 
4. Experience in delivering kilogram scale cGMP material and managing CRO activities is a plus;
5. Understanding of the relevant analytical techniques used in monitoring processes and characterizing product purity and impurity identification;
6. Strong problem-solving ability;
7. Responsible and strong team player;
8. Our Beijing office will be moved to  Zhongguancun Life Science Park after Aug 2016.
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