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Job Title Scientist in Biology
Job Code ICP-RE-006
Location Beijing

Job Responsibilities

Develop, optimize and execute biochemical and cellular assays to support small molecule drug discovery projects, including developing and performing screening assays with ligand binding, enzymatic assay, protein interaction, cell proliferation/apoptosis/differentiation, and characterization of small molecule leads in support of structure activity relationship studies.


1. M.S. or PhD. in biology or other relevant fields with 1-3 years of relevant experience;
2. A biologist with proficiency in various biological assay technologies, e.g., FP, TR-FRET, SPA, binding assay, CTG, cell culture, etc.;
3. Solid background and training in his or her own fields of studies and in conducting research using the latest drug discovery technologies and advances in science. Preference will be given to candidates with good knowledge and experience in immunology and immune cell drug discovery assays;
4. Good oral and written communication skills in English and Chinese;
5. Able to work effectively in a team environment.
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