Job Opportunities

We are offering opportunities in both Beijing and Nanjing. Welcome to apply us through the email below. Please include the job code and title of the position you are applying in the email subject.

Job CodeJob TitleLocation
ICP-CL-001 Director/VP of Clinical Research Beijing
ICP-BD-001 Director of Business Development USA
ICP-RD-012 Director of Formulation Research Beijing
ICP-RE-005 Scientist in Formulation Development Beijing
ICP-RE-001 Scientist in Organic Synthesis Beijing/Nanjing
ICP-RE-006 Scientist in Biology Beijing
ICP-RE-004 Scientist in Process Chemistry Beijing
ICP-RE-003 Scientist in Analytical Chemistry (CMC) Beijing
ICP-RE-007 Scientist in DMPK Beijing
ICP-RE-002 Scientist in Analytical Chemistry (Purification) Beijing
ICP-RE-009 Scientist in Pharmacology In Vivo- PK/PD Beijing
ICP-RE-008 Scientist in Bioanalysis In Vitro-ADME Beijing
ICP-RE-010 Scientist in Pharmacology In Vivo-Oncology Beijing
ICP-RE-011 Scientist in Pharmacology In Vivo-Autoimmune Diseases Beijing