Leadership Message

Dr. Jasmine Cui

President & CEO

Today, tumors and autoimmune diseases still remain a major threat to human health and life worldwide. When the world’s biomedical sectors are joining forces to overcome this threat, China plays an increasingly critical role. This is the result of China’s economic development and talent cultivation throughout the past decades, and is also attributable to the fact that the Chinese population is particularly threatened by these diseases. China currently has 30 to 40 million patients with autoimmune diseases, and accounts for over 50% of all liver cancer patients as well as over 25% of patients suffering from lung, gastric, and other cancers globally. The ever-increasing incidence rates and the lack of effective treatments have significantly diminished the survival rates and the quality of life for these patients. InnoCare is committed to developing safe and reasonably priced new drugs for these high incidence diseases among the Chinese population, benefit numerous patients worldwide, and meet the urgent but unmet medical needs. 

InnoCare has a world-class R&D team and an extraordinary scientific advisory board (SAB). The members of the R&D team have all previously engaged in long-term new drug R&D in renowned biomedical companies, and have successfully developed hundreds of new drug patents and products. The members of the InnoCare SAB are comprised of the bioscience leaders from Tsinghua and Peking universities as well as the medical experts from the top domestic hospitals and global pharmaceutical companies. Together, they will guide the company to remain at the vanguard of international drug R&D technology. Our R&D team and SAB members are our core competencies. They are passionate, rigorous, pragmatic, and committed to using the latest scientific discovery and technologies to drive new drug R&D and ultimately providing patients with the choices of novel medicines that are needed for their treatments. 

At InnoCare, we encourage innovation and creative thinking. We have adopted an open and organized R&D system with the concepts of clear and transparent communication, timely and effective execution, as well as flexible and rapid action. We believe that “common value, mutual trust, and cooperation” will unify and strengthen our team. These principles constitute the key foundation to the competitiveness of our company and the essential elements to ensure our success to turn InnoCare into a world leading organization in the biomedical industry.