Our Strategy

Through a combination of internal research and in-licensing, InnoCare is developing multiple candidate products that are designed to modulate the immune system in order to treat the autoimmune diseases and cancers. Our products are intended to be used independently or in combination with other immune-therapies.

For autoimmune diseases, InnoCare is seeking to develop a new generation of therapies that are highly selective and effective and will offer superior safety and efficacy. We are committed to delivering therapies that will dramatically improve the patients’ lives.

On the oncology front, we have embraced the principle of precision medicine and endeavored to deliver personalized treatments to cancer patients. In addition to offering targeted therapy to genetically defined subsets of patients, we also take an immune-oncology approach to harnessing the power of the body’s immune system to mount an immune response against cancer.

We believe that our insights in preparatory genomic profiling and our medicinal chemistry capabilities will enable us to effectively deliver the desirable solutions to address the unmet medical needs in China and worldwide.