Our Team

We have assembled a well-known team of industry executives with extensive experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies, covering the full spectrum of the drug development cycle from discovery and research to clinical development and commercialization.

Executive Team
Jasmine Cui Ph.D.


Chairwoman and CEO

Xiangyang Chen Ph.D.


Sean Zhang MD


Xiaodong Jin


Kevin Gao


Richard Liu Ph.D.

Vice President of Biology and Procurement

Charles Y. Wang Ph.D., DABT

Vice President of Drug Safety & DMPK

Renbin Zhao Ph.D.

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Development

Norman Kong Ph.D.

Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry

Davy Ouyang Ph.D.

Vice President, Head of Biology

Manish Tandon Ph.D.

Vice President of Business Development

Carrie Zhou Ph.D.

Vice President of Medical Research

Jessie Wang

General Counsel

Scientific Advisory Board
Yigong Shi Ph.D.

President of SAB


Non Executive Director

Zemin Zhang Ph.D.
Zhanguo Li Ph.D.
Arnold J. Levine Ph.D.
James Deng

Sales & Marketing Advisor