R&D Platform
Compound Optimization Platform
  • Protein structure- and ligand-based drug design to accelerate multi-parameter optimization of drug molecules and improve druggability
Drug Solid Form Research Platform
  • Full-range drug crystalline form research capabilities to support the CMC development of drug molecules
Formulation Technology R&D and Industrialization Platform for Poorly Soluble Drugs
  • Solve the bioavailability challenges of insoluble innovative drug formulations
  • Industrialize spray drying and hot melt extrusion technology
Biologics Discovery and Engineering Platform
  • Integrated highly-efficient antibody discovery platform
  • Protein structural prediction, design and optimization platform
CMC platforms for New Modality Biologics
  • Innovative antibody-payload conjugation process to improve the druggability and developability of ADC biotherapeutics
  • New generation of cell line and process development and quality analytical characterization platform
Translational Medicine Research Platform
  • Use biomarkers as indicators to effectively assess clinical trial data
  • Improve the efficiency of drug development
Multi-center Collaboration to Accelerate Innovations
InnoCare has set up first-class R&D centers in Beijing, Nanjing and Guangzhou with independent capabilities in chemistry,
biology, pharmacology, DMPK, toxicology, drug crystalline form research, and CMC R&D, etc., to accelerate life-saving innovations.
Beijing R&D Center · 8,300 Square Meters
Chemistry, Biology and CMC Labs, Animal Facility
Nanjing R&D Center · 3,350 Square Meters
A State-of-the-Art Solid-State Research Lab,Diagnostic and Biology Platform
Guangzhou R&D Center · 11000 Square Meters
Insoluble Drug Solubilization Formulation,Oral Solid Modified-Release Formulation,Targeted Drug Delivery Formulation
Clinical Development
Top-notch Team with Global Reach
InnoCare’s clinical development and registration teams excel in clinical protocol design, execution, and regulatory communication, focusing on China and the US. The team is able to accelerate clinical development on a global scale and adopt effective registration strategies to facilitate the product approval process.
Strong Pipelines to Benefit More Patients
InnoCare’s pipeline focuses on the development of both small molecules and large molecules, targeting cancer and autoimmune diseases with huge market potential. Several drug candidates have the potential to become blockbusters and address unmet medical needs.In addition to monotherapy, InnoCare is also actively exploring the potential of combination therapies with standard of care or other treatments to better benefit patients.
Professional Team with Strong Collaboration
InnoCare has assembled a professional and efficient commercial team with abundant experience in liquid tumors, including sales, market access, medical affairs, marketing, channel, and KA management, to promote its products across hundreds of hospitals in China.
Guangzhou Base
Beijing Innovative Drug Campus
Guangzhou Base

Build an Integrated Innovative Drug Production Platform

InnoCare Guangzhou has developed a full range of innovative drug manufacturing capabilities, from ASD to formulations, and has received approval for the commercial production of orelabrutinib.

Overcome the R&D Challenges of Innovative Drug Formulations

InnoCare Guangzhou has built a cutting-edge technology platform equipped with world-class solid dispersion and solid formulation production lines which incorporate spray drying and hot-melt extrusion, as well as three technology platforms – insoluble drug solubilization formulation, oral solid modified-release formulation, and targeted drug delivery formulation – to overcome the dissolution challenges of insoluble drugs.

Adhere to High-quality Development

InnoCare Guangzhou is dedicated to achieving world-class quality through state-of-the-art production processes and equipment, and has established a quality management system in line with the GMP standards of China, the US, the EU, and Japan.


Guangzhou InnoCare was certified as a high-tech enterprise
Guangzhou InnoCare was certified as an SRDI SME
Guangzhou InnoCare was certified as the Solubilization Preparation Technology R&D Center in Guangdong
Guangzhou InnoCare was certified as a technologically advanced service enterprise
Guangzhou InnoCare was listed in Guangzhou's Top 100 Cutting-edge Enterprises