Business Development

InnoCare is devoted to discovering, developing and commercializing novel treatments for oncology and autoimmune diseases. We have highly effective R&D and clinical teams with a proven track record.


Strong R&D team:

Our R&D team has brought 3 in-house discovered compounds to clinical stage drug candidates with 5 IND/CTA approvals.


Profound clinical development capabilities:

Our clinical development is highly efficient with a proven effectiveness. During the last two years, we have initiated 100 clinical trial sites and seven clinical trials, including two registrational trials, one / both of which have been submitted to the CDE. We completed both of Orelabrutinib’s CLL / SLL and MCL patient enrollment within one year, and NDA filing within two years of the first patient in.

To further our ability to provide patients with top-notch treatments, we are currently seeking strategy collaborations with biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the following areas:

Combination partnerships

Potential combination therapies that synergize with our current clinical assets.


Global or Ex-China rights of our current drug candidates that will enable us to maximize the commercial value of our pipeline globally.


Potential first-in-class or best-in-class drug candidates for development and commercialization China.

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