Selective FGFR4 inhibitor ICP-105 obtained clinical trial approval


On April 17, 2018, InnoCare’s innovative R&D department achieved a new milestone when ICP-105, a class 1 chemical drug, was approved for clinical trials by the State Food and  Drug Administration. ICP-105, which was jointly developed by its two subsidiaries, Tianyin Jianhua and Tiancheng Pharmaceuticals, has become InnoCare’s second drug candidate to be approved for clinical trials in just 4 months.

Globally, more than 780,000 new cases of liver cancer are diagnosed every year. China has 395,000 new cases annually, with 80% of these patients already in advanced stages. ICP-105, a class 1 innovative drug, is a specific FGFR4 inhibitor with high target selectivity, novel chemical structure, and good drug-like properties. It is expected to have excellent efficacy in solid tumors, such as liver cancers with abnormal FGFR4 signaling.

Dr. Jisong Cui, CEO of InnoCare, said: “InnoCare is an innovative drug research and development company. Our R&D team and one-stop new drug R&D platform will continue to introduce more and better innovative drugs, which are urgently needed in the community. With the support of innovative technology, regulatory policy for new drug approval, InnoCare will continue to provide patients with better treatment options."

About ICP-105
ICP-105 is a highly specific FGFR4 inhibitor that has been shown to have excellent target selectivity and good drug-like properties. It has significant anti-tumor effects in animal models of hepatocellular carcinoma with abnormal FGFR4 signaling. It is expected to provide safer and more effective treatment for patients with liver cancer.